Friday, June 26, 2009

Alt spec night

SO last night, I dusted off the retnub gear and facerolled my way through ulduar 25 as a Holy Retnub.
Apart from giving myself RSI, I learned that melee really have an easy job most of the time. To maximise their DPS they get to stand as still as possible, and not switch targets. Nice. What is not so nice is mimiron.
I called out before the start of that boss "Anything I should know as melee, having not done this before" "dodge the mines" "stand behind him in P2" "run through him to get behind"

"anything else?"
Nah you will be fine.

SUUUUURE I will be fine.

1 death because I ran out too late (where are those calls that the RL used to make to get melee out?)
1 death because I ran into a land mine when I ran out early enough
1 death because I got to P2 and stood too close to the middle and got laserbeamed from behind mimiron. WTF? Stand at the back of his hitbox kiddies!


Thanks guys for the pro tips there!

However, I totally owned Thorims arenaed arse. Yay me. It was nice to see Ulduar from a different persepctive, however, that being generally the perspective of looking up large womens skirts. Yay. No wonder boys like melee!