Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Alt spec night - continued

So I kept playing ret this week as mysteriously half our core raiders were capped. Go figure. It must be that the moon is in the seventh house and jupiter is aligning with mars or something.

Man oh man I learned stuff about Yogg! I will be editing and amending the strat page with a ret's eye view of the under belly of the brain and a few things I learned while in there which are quite vital to Not Being A Noob (fortunately, I warned the entire raid before I went in, and the jeering in my general direction was kept reasonably low).

I also remembered why I have OTHER people raid lead. With one RL running late because he was visiting his potential God Child, and the other having had his house sold from under him and was playing at a net cafe with no mike, it kinda fell to me to explain things. I am a writing kind of person, not really a talking one, and it was painfully obvious last night how true that was.

Guild leaders? NEVER be afraid to get people who are better than you at stuff to be officers. NEVER!

That said, we went in with a very slap dash team. There were at least 3 people who had not seen Yogg before (or Vezax for that matter) about 10 that had not killed vezax, and about 8 that were either new or performing a new role in Yogg. Within an hour we were well into phase 3 with tentacles mostly under control. Overall, our raid DPS was low (with new recruits and offspecs making up about 1/3 to half of the raid) but our ability to control phase 1 was excellent. And as everyone that reads this blog knows, Phase 1 is the key to the fight. Perfect phase 1 means a good start on phase 2 and generally a decent phase 3.

So even though we didn't actually get Yogg down, I was really pleased with the outcome of the raid. Many new people learned the fight, and with a better structure to the team, those people will slot in and be totally fine!