Friday, March 20, 2009

Sarth 3D and killing yourself

Guilds complain that "The third drake lands and all our DPS just die?? WTF is that happening to you too???"

It is the reflected DPS part - the DPS killing themselves. As soon as our guild realised that was what was happening (even though we knew we didn't grok it for a ling time), and we told DPS to turn OFF their recount and manage their health (ie slow/stop DPS if they are low, save healthstones etc etc) we got Sarth down THAT NIGHT!

So, I suspect that is exactly what is happening to you, yes YOU! out there in Teh Internets!

Heres the scoop :)

4 tanks
Bear tank 50+k HP raid buffed (as big as possible)
Warr tank - Drakes (all of them)
Prot pally AND a DK - adds

6 healers:
1 holy pally - soley on the furry tank (yes, you can solo heal this with a few hots)
1 Direct healer - Warr (shamans chaining to melee here is pro)
1 Direct healer - add tanks
3 raid healers - holy priests and resto droods - hots up on any and all tanks in range.

15 DPS - yes. Take them. Make sure they are stocked with haste potions. Try to take more ranged than melee if possible.

Strat (with useful TIPs!!!)
Tank sarth near the door - tank him on that little island thing, moving to the main island for flame wall. Rinse repeat till dead.

Drake 1: take him up the back.
TIP! If the first Flame wall is a "ranged one" (ie the gap is in the middle) you can jump in the lava to dodge the flame wall and continue to DPS much faster than running to the middle.
Those precious seconds count (look this up on teh nets). Our tank then drags the drake to the middle slowish (to maintain melee DPS) ready to pick up the second drake.

DPS use heroism on this first drake. This drake should be dead (or very close to it) before the second drake engages. Dont stand in blue shit (melee stack up and call out on vent when they need to move, range do something similar). Self manage, dont die. 25 people should be alive at the end of drake 2.

Add tanks: run around like dickheads pulling adds to them. the DK is pro at picking up the adds, the pally is pro at tanking them. We found this combo to be really effective and it made a massive difference to DPS and more especially healers grabbing aoe healer aggro.

Drake 2: MD to warr who tanks it on left side (as you enter).

TIP!!! Make sure there is a clear path from where the drake lands to where the warr tank is or people will die to cleaves and flame breath.

Repeat stuffs from drake 1, except no heroism - use haste flasks. Drake 2 should be sub 20% when drake 3 lands.


Sarth tank - use a single cool down per flame breath to assist the pally healer, call out 4sish before each breath for a "oh $#!t" ability to be used on him - hand of sanc, pain supporession, the holy priest save from deaht one I have temporarily forgotten the name of. You will need about 4, more than 4 and you are taking too long to kill the second drake. Organise an order, ensure all healers are clear on what they are doing and when.

MT pally healer HoS first - bacon yourself and heal through it. This healer will need to save their bubble to perhaps stand through a firewall as well, and this part is the hardest on them. Save mana for this. If you need, enlist help from the add tank healer. Go hard, win.

Other healers - just go hard healing. As hard as you can.

Warr tank, get an MD from the third drake and use your shield wall/last stand/other CDs to help your healer as much as you can.

Add tanks - continue as normal.

DPS - WINNING TIP! At this stage, all your DPS on the second drake is being reflected back onto you. This is why alot of guilds die at this point. DPS are so focussed on kill drake fast, they are actually killing themselves. Self manage. If your health is getting low, stop/slow DPS and use your healthstones (save for this point). the retard spec wont help at this point (it might be making things worse if you are not a prot pally). Ret pallys switch from matryr to command. DPS SMART. Get that drake down within 40s (that's 4 OH $#!ts from the healers on the MT) 40s is a long time...

Right, second drake down - NEARLY home free, but first get rid of all those adds. DPS them down down down fast.

Drake 3 portals - GET in NOW! all DPS and 1-2 aoe healers (1 is best, there's still a lot of damage going on outside and tanks will be low and healers will be on low mana). Anyone in plate can tank those adds - best is a dps warr throwing on a sword and board (macroed to defensive stance is the best). Manage DPS to ensure that the portal adds die just AFTER a flame wall has passed - so those on the outside need to yell it out - or everyone will pop out of the portal only to go splat on a fire wall. Trust me, this is annoying! finish add, burn drake 3.

Rinse repeat.

Sarth. OMG OMG OMG OMG 3 DRAKES DOWN!!!! Dont lose it too much, even if you have half your DPS down, you can at this point still win! just keep focussed, dont die in a fire and your save your second heroism for the mini enrage at the end.

Collect Phats lewts and title.