Friday, March 18, 2011

Hints for Valonia and Theralion 10

I walked into the 2 dragons fight cold. I had read the strat, but most strats make no sense to me and tell me nothing that is really useful (one of the reasons I write my own).

The main thing I walked away from this fight knowing, is that this is not a DPS race, it is a survivability fight. Stay alive and you will easily beat the enrage timer.  As usual, you can go find strats and videos on the web if you are so inclined.

So here are some things that helped me stay alive and healing during that fight:
Pink dragon
spread out - don't stand too near someone so when blue poop hits you on the head, it doesn't splash the sides of the bowl too much and splash the person next to you.

Run in under the tail for black out
. Black out is really obvious to see on a person. DBM puts a skull on the persons head and they are glowing blue. STAY UNDER THE FRICKEN TAIL until the dispeller says GO! because if you don't, then the damage will make the healers very unhappy. (ETA replace "Under the tail" with "gathering spot of the RLs choice")

If you are the dispeller - be super fast and call out quick.

Smashy smashy. This dragon doesn't seem to be too bad.


Don't stand in the poop.
If you DO stand in the poop and you end up in a weird twilight world, haul your arse to the portal on the side and GTFO ASAP! Avoid the glowing balls.

Blue dragon:
Melee group stack under the tail.

OK here's the tricks:
Purple arrow
If you have a purple arrow on your head, run to melee. Melee will be under the tail, if they are not, that's their bad. No matter if you have an x on your head too. (see rules for x on head below)
IF YOU HAVE HOTS OR DOTS AND AN x... I am not 100% sure if each tick causes an explosion, I think it might... so be careful of that.

X on your head
If you have an x on your head, and you are stuck in melee (ie you are a rogue or something or have a purple arrow on your head) DO NOTHING. No autohits, no nothing. Stand there and /dance or something till it goes away

Otherwise, x on head GTFO! get away from anyone get out get away and continue doing what you normally do.

Why x and v?

x does aoe when you "do things" like heal or hit shit.
v drops poop from on high and you need to share the love.

Get this bit right, and not standing in the blue flamey bits on the ground is easy!

When the pink dragon gets annoyed
at some point, the pink dragon will start flaming 1/3 of the room. Designate a spotter (we found that dead people make great spotters) to tell the raid where the flames are going to be. At the point, it doesn't matter about DPS at all, just get out of the poop on the ground. Seriously, just concentrate on not standing in the bad and getting back to the pink dragon on the ground.

And it back to pink dragon again.

I found, the most important thing I could do in this fight was stay alive, and as a healer, emergency spot healing the raid to save idiots who stood in the poop *cough* like myself. Sometimes they died, but that actually turned into an advantage because it isnt a DPS race.

Hope that helps people wrap their brains around things - it has clarified things a bit for me.

I think the real trick is getting the inny and outey bits right (x and v) and having a good spotter for the 1/3 flamey bits, and also remembering that it is NOT a DPS race, you gotta stay alive.