Thursday, October 21, 2010

Holy Pally Co-efficients

So, in a post over on The Bossy Pally, Ophelie was mucking around with spell coefficients for Holy Pallies.  Now she has gone off to Blizzcon and left us all hanging with regards the patch adjustments.  So, based on her math, here are the updates.

I have made a COUPLE of changes to what is going on - there seem to no longer be ranges on the tooltips for heals, just a straight number.  So, I got my kit off in the middle of Dalaran in the name of science and came up with these numbers:

Nekkid (92 SP at level 80 - base values)
Light of Dawn -1687
Word - 1699 per charge
Holy Shock -1975
Divine Light -8499
Flash of Light -5319
Holy Light - 3187

Clothed (3416 SP at level 80)
Light of Dawn - 2296
Word - 2312 per charge
Holy Shock - 4047
Divine Light - 11566
Flash of Light - 7615
Holy Light - 4335

Coefficient = (Clothed heal - Nekkid Heal)/Clothed Spell Power

Light of Dawn - 0.18
Word - 0.18 per charge
Holy Shock - 0.31
Divine Light - 0.89
Flash of Light - 0.67
Holy Light - 0.33

Compared to the previous values:
Light of Dawn = MISSED
Word of Glory = 0.22
Holy Shock = 0.69
Divine Light = 1.04
Flash of Light = 0.77
Holy Light = 0.33

EEP check out holy shock!  They really mucked around with that one! 

I have linked the values on WoWhead so you can see what Ophie used (note these MIGHT get updated soon).  Seems we have been dropped across the board - which is in line with the comments I am hearing that Paladins are over powered at 85.  So, that's actually a good sign.  I'd rather be tweaked with now, rather than later, that's for sure.