Thursday, September 2, 2010

Moving toward Cataclysm

As people are making the mad dash to get a hardmode Lich King kill, there will be a lot of decisions being made about peoples' futures and Cataclysm.  The beta is running, the NDR was lifted some time ago and information is flowing. 

This originally was going be a Guild Leadering 101 post, thanks to Jaedia's suggestion for me on her blogoversary, but since then as the post has been growing in my mind, it kept expanding and I wanted to keep adding to it.  So, in conjunction with my current dissatisfaction with the way my posts are organised, I will eventually have a "Guild leadering the NERD way" page up there *looks up* which will be an annotated essay, "Cliff Notes" style for easy reference if you are getting stuck or need advice.  It will hopefully encompass everything from looking at how to set up a new guild, to merging, handing over GL or staging coups, and of course, running raids!  I will be linking back to posts I made a few years ago which have my opinions on how things work for a 25man raiding guild, doing some lit reviews on other blog posts on certain topics and link spamming them, and I will add in some more focus on 10man raiding guilds.  I am fairly confident that 10mans are the way of the future.

The other thing I am going to start doing is an "Ask a GuildLeader" column.  If you have a question, or want some advice or want to know why on earth your guild leader may have made the decision they did, shoot me an email at the address I have listed over to the right.  For those in RSS readers that email address is kowari at gmail and so forth.  The other thing I am going to say about guild leadering is that there seems to be a decent group of quite knowledgeable people over at Gravity's forums in the Leadership section.  That's the place I tend to hang out the most when there (not playing a DK, as I don't).  I would love it if you had a question or discussion to head on over and have a yarn.  The more people we have over there talking about guild leadership, the better and more successful guilds we are likely to build.