Saturday, July 10, 2010

OOPS HPP coming

I just realised I had not written up the Heroic Prof Puke yet!
Given we pretty much randomly downed him one night, while I copped Malleable Goo to the face (oh I am SO BAD at that) I didn't get a good look at the disease strat.  But I have had a couple of goes at it now, so I think I have seen just about everything go wrong and can write up some useful tips for that.

Currently working on Sindy HM (which, honesly, isnt too bad strat wise) and we should have that down soon.  Guild has been having numbers issues recently with apathy and burn out a major factor.  It has even been hitting me!

And It looks like Siha might be back on track soon with Banana Shoulders.  Here's to you feeling better, Siha!  Hope you have the energy to get writing on that holy pally stuff soon.