Monday, May 17, 2010

Something to keep you going

Here is something I posted about Heroic LDW in my guild forums.  It is really the main hurdle to overcome in the heroic version of the fight (names have been removed to protect the guilty):

Dear DPS,
For some reason, HLDW likes to MC me a lot. And I mean A LOT. This gave me opportunity to notice a few things.

First, it took a long time for me to get CCed. Now, on me, this really isn't an issue. All this does is that I stand there and pretend to hurt people with damage that is easily healed through, my auras get changed around, I use my wings ... oh yeah, and I buff wisdom on LDW. Go figure.

But, you know, when people like a Certain Rogue or a Certain Hunter are not CCed, they have a tendancy to 1-2 shot me very dead. Hells, that hunter autoshotted me dead in 2 hits! And Mr Rogue smashed me in one blow! Now, while this gives opportunity for witty banter, it leaves me unable to heal tanks. When I am unable to heal tanks, Officer Bear Tank gets shitty because tanks die. And we all know what happens when Officer Bear Tank gets shitty. That's right, he argues with That Guy and we all have to put them on mute for 5 mins.

Second, when I am MCed, it seems that people like to kill me. A lot and often. Sometimes I got brezzed, then MCed immediately again and killed AGAIN. Now, this is not too much of an issue on the hip pocket at the moment, but it really is annoying and frustrating for the druids burning their BRezzes on me. Hells, it became so noticeable, even the LOCKS started SSing me. I mean HUH? I shouldn't be a target for SS's.

No Love,

PS Holy Pally Buddy, next time we both get ghosts, let's not hug each other to death. Deal?