Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Heroic updates

I have updated the heroic saurfang post to be a bit clearer with regards healing marks and to add in something about the adds I forgot to mention (Thanks Serrif!).

Also, I am aware my idea of BQL biting the highest damage dealer confuses people, but if anyone has parses from the last month in which a HEALER takes the first bite, I would love to see them.  I need to see the actual combat logs if possible as well as the those logs uploaded to world of logs (because world of logs allows you to select a time slice of a combat log and analyse that).  I know that BQL once bit what looked like possibly the first person to damage her before the bite (which is how I suspect holy pallies like myself originally copped bites) but I reckon that was a bug that was fixed and not mentioned by blizz.  I have not seen or heard of a healer take a bite since ICC was fully released, and I went looking (maybe not in all the places, but in a lot of them).

So yeah, if you have some evidence that I am wrong from recent attempts/downings, I would love to see it! I like being wrong, it means I learn things.