Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Heroic Blood-Queen Lana'Thel

This is very similar to loot boat, except I wouldn't expect you to one shot BQL!  There is no new strategy in heroic mode, everything hits harder.  Healing is much harder, by extension, and people taking unnecessary incidental damage will now cause wipes as opposed to annoying the healers.  Even with the buff, losing a bite victim early will mean you don't make the enrage timer, in fact, at the moment losing a bite victim full stop will probably push you over the enrage timer!

Apart from those tips, it is business as usual.  Don't take extra damage, keep your bite victims alive.  Win.

I should add in here that I have noted that BQL will bite the person who does the most damage to her before the bite, not the person with the highest threat after the tanks.  Often, the person with the highest threat IS the person who has done the most damage, but I have gone through the logs of several occasions where that has not been the case.  Someone was clearly highest on threat and another person got the bite.  Upon reflection each and every time, the person with the most damage done (regardless of threat generation) was bitten.