Friday, April 9, 2010

Update post - how NERD works

NERD is aimed at the RSS reader.  It's light on the frills, and occasionally has pictures to illustrate points. it is also VERY wordy because I assume that your RSS reader is wider than the blogger website is and that people are capable of reading more than one sentence in a paragraph before getti... ooo shiny thing!

BUT this does mean you miss out on a couple of things:
1) comments.  If you ever want to comment, please click through to the post in your browser and say something.  I appreciate each and every comment I receive, and am happy to work with constructive criticism on my strat posts.  I will often work in any additions and valid points that people bring up even if I dont use them.  Sometimes I wont because while the comment and strategy is valid, I consider the method to be either lazy or promoting of bad raid behaviour that will bite you on the arse later on in the game.  If you ever get confused, or notice I have forgotten something or I'm just flat out wrong (I know, I know, but it does occasionally happen), or have tips and tricks to add PLEASE drop a comment on the appropriate post.  Even old ones, like ulduar or ToC.

2) my awful but functional drop down boxes with "important" posts.  I have a list of all the strategies and a couple of dropdowns for things like guild leadership, raiding and being a guild member. 

At some stage soon, I am going to add in a drop down for "holy pally theorycrafting" but these posts will be few and far between as there are a lot of great theorycrafting sites out there already.  They will more be my own justifications for the spec and gear I have!

If you like my strategies, please link to them! Tell your friends about them, just credit me with the strat if you copy paste anything with a link to my blog.  I work hard to make them as user friendly as possible for everyone to be able to follow.