Friday, February 5, 2010

Dropping back to 10s

The casual flavour is really hitting us hard over here and our raids have been struggling for a while.  So, I had to make the hard call this week and announce to my guild that we were stopping 25s for the mean time and would be running 10s until we regrouped.

There are many reasons for this, a large one being that 25s have been sucking the fun out of the game for not just me, but for many people, and it felt like we were flogging a dead horse.  We weren't short on numbers per se (we were still fielding a full team every night just and recruiting hard) but the lag compounded with the motivation and we came to a point where the officer team really were not leading any more.  So, for the first time in the history of the guild, we are not raiding 25s and we are not doing "progression" content.

This has had a dual fold effect on the guild.  Some people instantly left for greener pastures - some people I didn't expect, and others I did.  I am honestly hoping that the people that have stayed and rallied will forge a strong solid core of friends to move forward with in the future.  Some people are putting their feelers out still and this week's raiding is a bit all over the place.  The lag isnt great, and people are "not logging on" and a few guildies have said they have seen apps around the traps.  I am not looking because looking will make me feel sad, I think.  I am just going to kick back and watch people leave and see what we have left.

The other effect is that we will be working on hardmodes in 10s.  I am gunning for at least 2 IDs to clear and kill the Lich king *puts fingers in ears* LA LA LA NOT LISTENING WANNA SEE LORE UNFOLD!!  This will get people familiar with fights and strats in a smaller, less laggy environment and with a tighter knit group.  Then, in a couple of months when we have numbers again, I am HOPING that we will just be able to waltz in and smash face.

At least, that is the plan I have in the back of my mind.  Whether or not we can pull it off?  NFI!

So, I will still be writing up strats, but for the moment, they will be 10man oriented.  I have a putricide, blood council and blood queen strat in my mind ready to go.  So they should appear in the next few days.  And hopefully, after Monday, I will have the rest of them done and dusted and I can start working on the hardmode stuff!  I will also muse on the hows and whys of the decision in the near future, but at the moment, the wound is still a bit raw to talk about.

It's not the damn game, it's the people in it that make this all so hard for me.  Stupid people.  Wish I cared less sometimes, but then the highs certainly would not be as high without putting my everything into the people.