Monday, January 25, 2010


Rotface rotface rotface.
You are not too hard - if anyone says this fight is too hard, then they might want to really think hard about whether or not they are going to go kill Arthas, because this?  This is just a warm up guys.  It's going to get serious from here on in. 

Rotface is what we call a RAID COORDINATION CHECK fight.  The damage isn't hard to heal though and is mostly avoidable.  It will kill you of you are not paying attention or if you don't understand what is going on.  So, I will break this down into separate chunks, as I do a run through of how the fight works.

Shopping list
1 MT
1 OT with good ranged taunt/threat generation
5 healers
Even mix of range and melee DPS

The pull
The tank runs on in and tanks Rotface where he stands.  Everyone (except hunters) arranges themselves evenly in a semi circle behind the boss in melee range.  Yes, everyone.  Hunters stand as close as they can to rotface.  Smash the living begeebers out of rotface.  OT stands back at the door, on the black circle drawn on the ground, waiting.  More on the boss later.

The Ooze Dance

The infection (part 1 - no big ooze)

The first thing that will happen is someone will become infected.  No matter what your instincts are do not dispel them.  This person need to run out to the OT and hang out with them (if you are ranged, keep DPSing ok?).  When this person is with the OT and in the right position, the OT needs to call out for a dispel.  Now, this person will have a great desire to run back into the pack and continue their job.  They must resist and hang out with the OT. 

Note to healers - anyone with the infection is going to recieve 50% less healing than normal.  You will need to allocate at least 1 person to be responsible for keeping them alive.

The next person will get infected, and they need to trot out to the OT as well.  The OT will call out when they are ready for a dispel, and both players stay put until the merge happens, then run back.

The Merge (aka The Little Adds)

When you are dispelled you will spawn your own little baby add which will love you and attempt to hug you and call you George.  It's threat table is a bit weird, in that it has one.  It will generate a lot of threat on the person who it came from.  This seems to be a bit buggy for things like Mirror Image, and when the add spawns on you and you have images up, it may go shooting off in a direction you don't want, thinking that the person it wants to call George is over there, and not you.  So, please be careful with that spell.

Anyway, the add will start chasing you around.  Do not cloak of noob or bubble.  You want that add to chase you in a controlled manner.  The main thing you need to do is ensure that it is facing away from the raid so when it spews ooze at you, it is not in the middle of the room.  Everyone at all costs needs to stay out of these green ooze patches

Note to healers - the little oozes have an aura which is pretty easy to heal through.  Again, the person allocated to healing the infected people should keep them up.

When 2 little oozes get close enough together (6ish yards) they will merge and make a big ooze.  Merging is Good.

The Big Ooze
The OT needs to grab that big ooze and start kiting it around the room in a big circle.  It has a normal threat table so the OT needs to watch and manage it properly.  However, the big ooze hits like a train (it has a frontal arc melee attack that hurts), and radiates an aura that really hurts.  The big ooze also spews goo at you, so as an OT you need to try to avoid that at all costs.  So it's a balancing job of not getting too close, keeping threat, and keeping that add moving around the room.

Oh Danny Boy...

The not getting too close is compounded by the pipes in the room periodically flooding out a corner of the room.  You can see where it is going to go because greem steam will eminate from the pipes in that corner of the room.  So you really have to watch for that.  Hand of Freedom will help if you are stuck, but on the whole, the OT should be able to kite through the flooding without needing to do anything special. 

Everyone else in the raid should avoid going into the green flood if at all possible, especially if you are currently infected due to the healing debuff you have.

The Infection (part 2 - with big ooze)
Ok, this time around you got infected but there is a big add up.  Again, you look to see where your OT is and where they are kiting.  You have 12s to get into the right position.  If the OT is kiting through the green flood, wait for them in the kite path on the other side of the flood, otherwise, get to the OT as soon as possible.

When you are with the OT, call for a dispel (or kite with the OT if that is easier until the infection drops off).  Carefully position yourself so that the little Ooze is within range of the big ooze and wait for the big ooze to gobble it up.  When it is safely gobbled, run back into position and DPS.  Do not, under any circumstances, get too close to the big ooze.  Its aura and cleave will smash your face in and your healers will wail that you went down like the proverbial sack of spuds or other less savoury contents.

I cannot stress how important these bits are to getting the fight right.  Keep the infected person alive, and get those adds merged as soon as possible.

2 Big Oozes?
Occasionally, your raid will do Stupid Stuff(tm) and you may end up with 2 big oozes going.  DON'T PANIC!  OT, just grab threat on both of them, and draw them together.  When they are in range, they will merge into 1 big ooze.

When the big ooze is made up of 5 little oozes, it becomes unstable and explodes.  It will create a little flying bomb for each raid member alive.  The trick here is to watch the big ooze and wait until the cast is done and you actually see the little blobs flying in your direction from the big ooze itself.  Once you see them going, you need to move out of the position you were in and into a position that no one else was in.  Why? Because those oozes target where you were standing when they take flight (just like the rockets on the gunship fight).  So, there are a few ways to deal with this.  You can all just scatter (you don't need to move far, about 10 yards away is enough) or everyone can pick a direction and run for it (ie like call "DOOR!" or "FOLLOW THE BOSS!" something like that).  This decision will depend on your raid's ability to think on its feet and understand mechanics.

After the ooze explodes it's back to the first part of the ooze adventure.  Rinse, repeat.  The only additional thing you need to consider is that the mutated infection is cast faster and faster over time.  So, you want to kill Rotface as quickly as you can.

The Boss
There really isn't a lot going on with the boss.  Tank him where he stands to avoid the green goo on the floor, and if you have to move the boss for the ooze explosion, take him back to the middle when done.  The raid stands in melee range (or as close to melee as they can) in an evenly spread semi circle around the back of the boss.  Periodocally, the boss will target someone and start casting a conal effect spew.  Everyone has to wait until the cast is finished, then run around the boss out of range of the spew.  It is really easy to avoid, and is the reason everyone is spread out evenly so as few people as possible have to move, and there is more DPS uptime.

Healing in this fight is hard if people don't avoid the avoidable damage, otherwise, plan to keep the Tanks and focus the mutated infection person and everything should be fine:
Boss Spew - avoidable
Boss Damage - not massive
Mutated infection - unavoidable, and needs healing focus
Big Ooze Aura - avoidable
Big Ooze Melee - avoidable (but OT might take a calculated risk on it for threat gen)
Big Ooze explosion - avoidable
Small ooze aura - negligable, should only be on the OT or mutagen target
Small ooze spew - avoidable
Flooding - avoidable, OT might need to take calculated risk in it

OK that was a bit of a doozy to explain, and I am sure I am missing things.  There are lots of ways to deal with the oozes, this is the way we are finding is the best for us.

Keep the comments coming! And if they are appropriate, I will update the strat.