Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tweaking strat is made of win

Also, awesome strat is awesome.  The Heroic Twins strat below is absolutely rock solid!  I can say that with impunity now, given we used it last night and missed the first kick and still defeated them before the enrage timer.  I need to send out huge awesomeness to our badger-elite Hairy who RLed and tweaked and problem solved like a champion.

"What? There were 6 balls to the face of the raid?  Where from?  Ok soaker, you go here, other soaker move to here"

The soakers then did exactly as they were told and BAM twins down.

There is much to be said for changing things on the fly, looking at points of failure and figuring out why people died.  This isn't a finger pointing exercise (ok, sometimes it is, but that's generally when people don't learn from mistakes and improve) but a quick precis of what went wrong, who made a mistake and why.  This can mean a very subtle adjustment to a strat and all of a sudden you are progressing again.   Last night, it was a subtle tweak to the soaker region to protect the raid from Balls from the Walls and suddenly the healing was easier, people died less, the soakers were alive and the raid was stacking and moving better.

Also saying things like "Do what Hairy says, when he says it.  Even if he's wrong, it doesn't matter, because if ONE of you is in the wrong foot aura you WILL wipe the raid" seemed to work on raid behaviour.

Also, I found that we should trust ourselves to not need certain classes.  We had no mage for faction champions, and most officers were fairly convinced that we needed one.  I was pretty gung ho that we didn't for varying reasons that included guild politics.  Eventually, we got the numbers and we headed in.

Now, given that we had a "non standard" raid makeup, and I was ret (yowser) we found that we were much more careful about strat, and who was doing what.  I ended up being dispel bitch again *sigh* but that worked really well, freeing up healers to ... heal.  So, my DPS was horrible, but I kept light up on the current DPS target (doing more actual healing than the disc priest, not counting bubbles), and SoJ was a nice proc to randomly stun the target.  The odd flash on someone nearly dead, and using my stun on every CD made the current target go down reasonably fast and safe.

The people controlling the other adds and healers were very careful and were excellent at keeping the group spread out - very important in this fight were aggro is based on proximity and your current health percentage.