Saturday, October 31, 2009

NER's Guide to Fitting In

When you join a new guild, the one thing you want to do is fit in.  You are walking into an established set of friednships and relationships, the you don't want to do is rock the boat so hard you fall out.  So here are a set of handy hints for you to settle into your new home, make friends, and become a valuable guildie!

1. Shut up and watch.  Don't go into a guild swinging.  You are the new guy, you don't know them, they don't know you.  Keep your opinions to yourself until you get to know who everyone is, and why they are saying what they say.

2. Do your job.  You were recruited to raid, so make it really clear that you are good at and interested in it.

3. Read the guild forums top to toe.  Read everything you can on the guild forums - learn who everyone is, where they sit in the pecking order.  Who is in charge? Who can you talk to? Who is a larrikin? Loot whores... etc  Get to know your guildies as well as you can in the forums.

4. Don't say anything offensive.  And I mean don't use swear words, sexually discriminating adjectives, dont cuss, don't be negative and don't complain.

5. Be awesome.  Be yourself, despite all the above and make sure you are who you say you are.

6. Join in.  If a guildie is looking for more on a heroic, tag along!  You might hate the heroic, but look at it as a chance to get to know your guildies more.

7. Get in Vent/TS and hang out.  Don't talk too much to start off with, test the waters.  But get on vent and have conversations with your new friends!

8. Don't talk about loot.  Just forget it.  Work out your plan for upgrades and work on it on your own.  Never complain about rolls, and never mention your gear.

9. Don't complain.  Do not criticise the guild or the officers.  Do not complain outside of the guild about the guild, they WILL find out and they wont like it.

10. RELAX!  Don't try so hard!  Chill out and have fun!  Especially if you are on a trial period.  WoW is about fun, if you are not having fun you are doing it wrong.

This post brought to you by people who didn't do this and made my life very difficult in the last week.


Anonymous said...

Geat post! I have been with my guild for a while now and have seen ppl come and go.

three things
1. "Read the forums top to toe"
I hate the format of the forums and will not post there untill they fix the crappy format.

2. "not complain outside of the guild"
wow is this big, I got a tell the other day about, 'one of my guildies' being disrespectiful and well, just rude. I have developed my reputation on our server and guild mates can ruin it easly, i amended the situation and all is well now, i guess i am concidered part owner of my guild as an active member

3." if you are not having fun you are doing it wrong"

best quote ever

NonElitistRaider said...

Hmmm intense debate seems to have stopped working. JOY!

BUT I should clarify that part - not the wow forums, the GUILD forums on the guild's website.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could give this list to every new person who applies and gets in to my guild.

Great post!

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