Monday, October 26, 2009

More strat? More Guild stuffs?

Faction champions is proving a hell of a post to write up. I am going to have to hit up my RL for more information on this one, because ... well... there is no real strategy. Just a bunch of guidelines and rules. And it is all dependent on your lineup, their lineup, your strengths, weaknesses and... OH! the list just goes on and on.

The guild restructure is going well. I have brought the guild back to a similar structure it was running with about a year ago, and I will explain that in another post, including the rescue of me melting down by some most excellent guild mates. In-game pets really should NOT cause one rage mindlessly at the screen.

Also, I have a list of topics to write about (I think it is up to, mmm 7 topics now?) which have been sadly neglected due to work going nuts at me. Hopefully that will settle in the next little while and I will have some lunch breaks in which I can write down furiously the posts I have composed and planned in my head. I blame my year 12 english teacher for all my short comings with blog posts.


Gravity said...

I wish you had a normal system for commenting here. I really think you get less comments because of this funny JSKit. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to just give name/email/site and comment, since it requires authentication on other services.

Thanks for dropping by my site on that clarification, too :).

nonelitistraider said...

I'm looking for another one... but the imports are not working so well.

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