Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You are all in the 3.2 ARMY NOW!

Yep, 3.2 is up and running (not that my realm is live yet) and we are now all drafted into the army. You can tell, because the Argent Crusade are giving us our uniforms once we earn them. What are they calling it? A trial? Yeah, earn your stripes in gladatorial combat. Nice work, Argent dudes. But yes, think of the lore, when you don your armour... you might look like that warrior, but it will probably save your butt when the enemy go for them instead of you because you all look the same! Isn't that the point of a uniform? This is the army going in to take on the Lich King. We will take him on in t9 - as an army of the Argent Crusade. We will leave with what I hope will be AWESOME looking gear and a Frostmourne Orange Blade stolen from the Lich Kings cold (COLD?) dead (DEAD?) hand (HAN.... no wait, that's not irony )!

Speaking of the Colosseum, I think Blizz may have missed a fantastic opportunity here. Voyerism. Why didn't they get a viewing system implemented for this? I mean, it's a colosseum?! What more could you want than to be a sitting and watching the worlds best guilds take on hard modes? Of course, like all colosseums you would have to buy a ticket to get in... hurry, hurry, seats are limited. And there is nothing to enhance your e-peen than to know there are 50 people in the audience watching you - pressure is mounting... hop to it raid, let's give them a show they will NEVER forget!

I will be writing up strategies for the colosseum as we get them sorted. They will still be full of tips and tricks that you have all come to rely on with my write ups. My Raid leaders have already started looking at how to get the Northern Beasts down (the predicted first encounter) and I hope I will have a write up in a couple of days!