Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lord Jaraxxus

Immediately dubbed LootLord Jaraxxus, apparently this fight is quite easy. Given the haphazard way we did this on my first and only attempt at him, I can see why.

This boss seems to be very forgiving of mistakes and random deaths.

The crux of this fight is, spread out, tank the demon, tank the mistresses/rock dudes, don't die in a fire and heal the poor guy with the healing debuff a lot. Having pallies with Bacon make the last bit trivial.

Shopping list:
2-3 tanks
6-7 healer (at least one pally to make it easy)
good mix of DPS

So, NER, What do we do?
Put your laziest tank on the LootLord. Our fat, hairy, dwarf warrior is the laziest tank in the business and bagsed this job pretty quickly. Everyone else, spread out evenly around LootLord (who is tanked where he stands! Go Go Lazy Tank!). A range checker mod is handy here to make sure you are not too close to anyone.

The other two tanks need to be ready to pick up the mistress/volcano guys as soon as possible when they comes out.

Healers need to be fast on the dispels, and keep up heals on the raid as there is a fair amount of damage flying around. Standard MT/Raid allocations should be fine for this boss.

And make sure you have some kind of shadow and fire resist going, it isn't necessary, but it helps the healers a fair bit to resist stuff.

OUCHIES! my flesh is burning!
Someone will be randomly targeted with Incinerate Flesh, and this is where the healers really have to pay attention. As you can see, 60k (30k in 10man) worth of healing needs to be done in 12s. Of course, this is where pallies totally kick arse and take names. Bacon up your tank, and spam that incinerate target. They will be back in action in no time. If you have no pallies, then allocate a healer or two to get this done.

Oh, She's so pretty...
After a period of time, a mistress of pain may appear out of a portal. OTs need to pick it up and move it "over there" *points*. DPS need to switch off the LootLord and onto the Mistress and burn her down asap. Again, healers need to keep the raid alive, as there will be a lot of raid damage. Dispels are a complete necessity.

Volcanoes? But, this isn't Supremus!
When there are no portals, there might be a volcano slapped on your head. Get away from it as fast as you can, unless you are an OT, in which case run to it as fast as you can. Same as before, pick up the rock guys and tank them. DPS swap off LootLord and smash these things down in a coordinated direct damage effort. There will be more than one Rock dude to contend with, so it pays to know you can banish them if your tanks are taking a beating.

Nothing different here for healers, dispel, heal, heal some more, and don't stand near rock guys, and if they ball up and fly in your direction, don't stand in the fire!!

Anything else?
Not really - all the no brainer Raiding 101 things apply: Don't stand in fires, dispel everything you can, stay spread out, DPS hard and swap when your RL says to. Watch your threat and have a good time! Enjoy the stupid trophies (it really has to be the silliest thing I have ever seen Blizz do there... but that is a whole other ranty post)


Hairyhippy said...

You may just wanna add a quick note on "the rock dude."

-They can be banished to result in a little less tank and raid damage
-Every once in a while, they curl in a soccer ball, fly to random location, then start doing a HELLFIRE type aoe spell. But you pretty much covered this with the statement "Don't stand in a fire."

NonElitistRaider said...

Thanks HB, added those little bits in. I didn't realise the rock dudes did that, all I knew was PEOPLE DYING, GAH MOVE OUT OF THE FIRE! :P

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