Thursday, August 20, 2009

Assembly of Iron Hard Mode

Also known as I choose you, Steelbreaker (25) or Iron Council. I present the Achievement Awarding Strat!

Shopping list
2 tanks
6 healers (at least 1 druid - they are ridiculous good in this fight)
all the DPS you can poke a stick at.

Setting up the pull is important, and how you tank steelbreaker is also important. I will come to that in a moment.
When you pull the 3 bosses you need to separate them in a very specific way to deal with their abilities.

Tanking Middle Size Guy
First up is middle size guy. Move him on top of steelbreaker to take advantage of probability of the blue runes. No magic there, just burn him down. Move mobs out of the blue stuff, move yourselves into the blue stuff and go hard - blow your 2 min CDs.

Tanking Lil' Guy

Move this guy off to the right (or left - just decide before hand). This guy is tanked by the OT/DPS tank as he is the easiest to tank, and gets the OT into DPSing for Steelbreaker. This guy needs interrupts. We have often have a DPS warrior with sword and board tanking him to help out with this. Or get a lock to pop his felhunter on this guy to help. Pets do seem to be bugged at the moment, so if you are the lock with the pet, make sure you have set your pet correctly before engaging in the fight. This is more important than DPSing.

Now, the position of this guy relative to steelbreaker is important. You need to move him as close to the steelbreaker tank as possible, without the steelbreaker tank getting copped by the AoE. You need to make sure your Steelbreaker tank knows where you are so they can position correctly toward the end of phase 1.

All the Melee attack from as close to steelbreaker as they can to try to minimise the chances they get the debuff, more on that later. Burn this boss and run to steelbreaker when melee have to run out. Also, all ranged and healers should be stacking on steelbreaker, and healers should start autoattacking steelbreaker to help with mana issues later on. The debuff soakers need to move out to range of steelbreaker, but still in range of middle guy. Toward the end of P2, they will need to move into their P3 soaker positions (which may be out of range of middle guy)

Tanking Steelbreaker
He gets tanked in the middle. We use a pally because they can self dispel. If you don't have that luxury, make sure you have someone allocated to dispelling fusion punch as soon as it is applied every time.

Tank on top of middle sized guy, move steelbreaker out of blue runes and stay on top of the middle sized guy. This is really important to do as it drastically reduces the time required to kill middle sized guy, and there is more mana all around for healers and DPSers for Phase 3. At the end of P1, start to move steelbreaker into position 20 yards from lil' guy, ready for debuff soakers to do their thing.

Tank him, don't die.

Ok, this is the fun part. You should have a full raid alive at this point or you wont make the soft enrage (ie 3 tank deaths which is 2 mins)

Tank pong is where this is headed. Steelbreaker pops on a debuff on the current target which after 30s makes you EXPLODE and kill everyone in range. So, watch that debuff, and at 10s call out, your other tank should be ready to taunt at about 5s. Get a soulstone put on you, or have a druid at the ready, because once you explode you need to get back alive as soon as possible so you can be rebuffed ready to tank in 20s. And believe me, that is not a lot of time to prepare! Get up ASAP!

The second tank blows a short CD to help the healers when he taunts and tanks now for 25s then explodes. Tank one takes over. Tank 2 is SSed or brezzed and rebuffed.

Tank 1 is now going to be hit REALLY hard. Start blowing all your CDs to stay alive for that 25s starting from your taunt - that first hit is a doozy, and healers will be frantic. Stay alive (until you have to die).

Tank 2 has the same deal but has to deal with EVEN MORE damage. So your best mitigating tank needs to be tank 2. Blow everything you have to stay alive, healers will be pretty oom by now so help as much as you can and DPS really need to burn like your house is on fire.

Ensure you have a dispeller allocated to dispel fusion punch properly. We use a pally tank to tank steelbreaker all the way through because they can dispel themselves, however after they DIE you need to make sure someone is ready to step up and take over for the second tank (and again when the pally tank is dead the second time)
That's the tanking positioning.

Healers simply plonk themselves slap bang in the middle of the room and heal their brains out.
Ranged DPS follow the runes in P1, and go join the healers in P2/3.
Melee DPS follow the runes in P1, jump on middle guy from as close to steelbreaker as they possibly can in P2 and in the middle in P3.

Here is more interesting-ness you need to deal with.

DPS requirements
Maths says everyone needs to be pulling an average of 7k dps each for P3 (not overall, just P3) to kill steelbreaker within 2 mins. Realistically, you need people pulling more to cover the people pulling less (ie healer offspecs and the buff tankers, see below). However, this is very achievable with a heroism, blowing all CDs and haste pots. We recommend you wait to use your heroism until all DPS have had time to put up all their debuffs on the boss.

Here's a handy tip: Have the DPS that do debuffs switch early onto steelbreaker (about 5% left on little guy) so that everything is set up and ready as soon as little guy dies and you can blow all your cooldowns and heroism straight away.

In phase 3, you will need to have a rogue with Wound Poison or a hunter with Aimed Shot up on the boss at all times. This reduces the amount he heals every time a tank dies! Which is really important and can make the difference between a wipe and a kill!

Debuff tanking
From P2 onwards, Steelbreaker drops an electrical debuff on a random ranged (and by ranged I mean ranged to STEELBREAKER) player that hurts a lot. It lasts 20s and he casts it every 20ish seconds and YES IT STACKS! 2 stacks on one player can mean WIPETASTICNESS (17k ticks with the second tank death and 2 stacks) if you are not aware or if your healers are close to oom (which they guaranteed will be)

Since hunters HAVE to be at range to hit stuff, they usually get the job of tanking the debuff. Yay? Not so much. Make sure all hunters have nature resist going on, either aura, or flasks or totem. The totem is preferred as it impacts DPS the least.

SPriests, it seems, can mitigate the debuff by up to 25%. First of all they have shadowform but they can also spec into Spell Warding which reduces another 10%. Spell warding is a tier 2 holy spell, so SPriests would have to specifically spec into it for this fight. Now, that might not be doable for some guilds, but I am fairly certain that most people are dual specced these days, and if you knew up front you were doing this fight, you could sort out a second shadow spec to cover it off. SO! 25% reduction, plus a nature resist aura/totem is certainly wonderful for this. However, spell warding spec can drastically reduce an SPriest's DPS. Be mindful of this should you chose to use it.

Now, you have 3 or 4 team members that can tank the debuff. Get them to spread out (so they dont damage each other, 15 yards apart. DBM's /range function is invaluable here). They simply stand out there and DPS from afar. Having 3 or 4 people is playing the numbers game. It is fairly unlikely they will cop 2 debuffs, but if they do, they need to cry out and the healers need to cover that of VERY quickly. It is healable through if you have resto druids and disc priests. If your soaker has 2 debuffs, load them up with hots and bubble the begeebers out of them. But, as always, prevention is better than a cure. Make sure your soaker team is in place at the end of P2 and starting their rotation at that point.

This is the hardest part of the fight, getting the healing right.

With 6 healers there is not a lot of wiggle room, and certainly no room for error. You need to have 3 MHs and probably 3 raid healers. But again, your mileage may vary. You may have to reduce your healing team to 5 if you are struggling with DPS. But, there is no point practising this boss if you cant keep everyone alive.

One MH per tank, and steelbreaker tank gets 2. Be in position EARLY so you can plant and start healing just before the bosses get to the tanks - the most dangerous part of the fight is right at the beginning. Be careful.

The next most dangerous part of the fight is changeovers as bosses die - watch the boss health, and when you get to about 5% be ready to change your target, move and prep early rather than later. Each boss death ups their damage output, so be aware of that and be ready.

Healer on the first tank moves off onto steelbreaker, and 2 healers on the raid, including one to start looking after the debuffs. Pally bacon really shines at this point for MT healing. Use it liberally.

Again, prep early, watch the boss health in P2 and be ready for the changeover to P3. Each taunt is dangerous, load up the new tank with hots and be ready with a big heal - dont forget, the tanks now have significantly less buffs on them due to being dead and at the SAME TIME Steelbreaker will be hitting harder. Be Prepared, boyscouts!

All heals on the MT, and 2 healers on the raid, one healer only on the debuffs. Here, again, your mileage may vary depending on your healers ability, but that should approximately get you through.

Mana is a big issue, you will be riding oom by probably half way through steelbreaker, so save your mana pots and tricks for P3, try and conserve mana throughout P1 and 2. If you have mana regeneration CDs, use them early if they are on a 2-3min CD so you get 2 uses of them in the fight. Also, autohit the boss - you will be in melee range, not only will you heal yourself from JoL and LotP, but you will likely get mana back from a JoW. This is important.

Allocate "oh shits" to the tanks. Guardian Spirit, Pain Suppression, Hand Of Sanctuary. Get the Tanks to use CDs and call for these as they need them. For example, the way we set them up is as follows:
Tank 1; Personal CDs -> tank 2 taunt
Tank 2; Personal CDs->Tank 1 rezzed->Oh shit 1 on tank 1->Tank 1 taunt
Tank 1; Personal CDs, calls for oh shit 2 -> Tank 2 rezzed -> Oh shit 3 on Tank 2 (Steelbreaker dead yet?)-> Taunt
Tank 2; Personal CDs, calls for oh shit 4 Steelbreaker dead.

How do you know if you are going to get steelbreaker down in time?
A good rule of thumb for this fight is being able to get steelbreaker in the low 40 percents before the first tank change. If you are not getting him AT LEAST below 50% chances are your DPS will be slow - because your hero will have run out by this point.

Think of it like this:
Steelbreaker has effectively 120% health.
Tank 1 - remove 55% (boss on 45%) with hero
Tank 2 (boss up to 55%) - remove 35% (boss 20%)
Tank 1a (boss up to 30%) - remove 30% (boss dead)

That is what you are aiming for. With ToC gear coming out, this will be much more accessible to everyone. The loot drops are still fantastic and the sense of satisfaction from killing the boss is second to none!

Good Luck!


Macbook said...

Trying this out tonight -- wish me luck!

NonElitistRaider said...

Go macbook! it's fun :)

NonElitistRaider said...

oh and if you have any tips - throw me a comment!!

Macbook said...

Meh. Failed attempts last night. We tried the OT DPS on the middle guy - but he died like 4 times causing wasted wipes. We are going to try an fury warrior tanking the little guy on Sunday.

Funny enough -- I didn't see any real problems for us getting this down. We only even managed to get to P3 Steelbreaker about 3 times in 2 hours last night, and everytime we got him to P3 we managed to get him to around 45% with only 1 tank having died.

We just need more reps at it, I'm aiming to have it down on Sunday.

Btw -- I had spriests and a lock soaking the debuff. I believe my spriests also specced into improved VE.

NonElitistRaider said...

You will find that you need to get him down a bit more than 45%. We were hitting 40ish % and we were a bit slow. OH I should add about the poison and the aimed shot. Thanks for jogging my memory (reduces his healing from 15 to 10%)

NonElitistRaider said...

Oh about the OT, they still need to be decently geared to tank. Don't worry about the wipes, your healers are probably not used to the squishiness. They will get there. It took a while for us to get it right as well, but once we did our output in P3 was definitely increased.

Hairyhippy said...

I think there is some slight confusion about which tanks are needed for which mobs.

1. Main tank (Pally tank preferrable) for big guy
2. Main tank (No preference) for middle guy
3. OT/DPS (feral druid/fury warrior/dps DK) for little guy

The middle guy (your first dps target) hits surprisingly hard on the tanks, so you need an actual tank to take him down consistently. The little guy however does very few melee attacks (he pretty much chain casts chain lightning on random people), and he hits like a bunny rabbit, so he can be easily tanked by either a plate wearer or a furry druid in dps gear. The only thing they need to watch out for is the Overload and the positioning of the little guy (ideally just over 20 yards from your steelbreaker main tank).

Macbook said...

Hey -- I couldn't find anyway to contact you on your blog -- if you get a chance, do you mind dropping me an email?

moonkinblog [at] gmail [dot] com



Macbook said...

Hey -- I couldn't find anyway to contact you on your blog -- if you get a chance, do you mind dropping me an email?

moonkinblog [at] gmail [dot] com



NonElitistRaider said...

Consider yourselfpinged :)

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