Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Deadly Boss Mods like Gold Sellers

I uninstalled DBM and installed big wigs for ethical reasons. I found out that DBM's website directly and consciously advertised gold selling. I will not support that, nor use a mod that is funded by hackers. Therefore, I have installed bigwigs and I will see how it goes. And so far, so good.

I have a level of morals I am sticking to, and I will not support people that hack accounts and steal my shit (my gbank has been hacked twice, and how many people do you know have been hacked?). DBM have said that they place gold farmer ads delibrately on their website because it pays better. Sorry, I cant agree with that kind of sell out. I just cant. No matter how good their mod is, that is supporting people that make our lives annoying and make the game vastly less fun for me having to deal with all the shit of getting and cataloging our pixels as a guild. Also, the addon policy is not that heavy handed and DBM still has a donate button in it last I checked, and it is not violating the rules and regs. (have a look in DBM and tell me there is nothing in there to solicit money?). The rule is very vague, mostly as an arse covering thing if they find something that violates the spirit of mod making. Asking people for money so they can continue to make a mod doesnt violate that spirit. Selling coca-cola or advertising gold selling in a mod would violate that spirit.I gave them a chance. They fucked it. I wont use their mod or support them any more. That is a choice I can make to do something about gold selling. I know others buy gold in my guild, I certainly dont approve, but I also cant stop them. This, I can do something about it.

I don't really want to link to the DBM site, so I will give directions to the thread.
dbm dot com slash forum slash viewtopic.php?t=1487
For those that dont get that, go to the DBM forums, and find the topic called "Advertisments on the frontpage"

This is the thread in which the site admins condone gold selling, and take the ads out for completely the wrong reasons (to stop the flaming, not because they are no longer supporting hackers and theives) Remember, everyone, we have all been DIRECTLY IMPACTED BY GOLD SELLING HACKERS. My gbank has been cleared out twice. Many of my members have been hacked by keyloggers sent to us in spam or on websites hacked by gold sellers. Anywhere you see advertising gold selling is supporting this.

BYE BYE DBM, it was good while you were not a prostitute.


Anonymous said...

According to later posts in the thread, they've been taught the error of their ways and the offending banner is removed.

NonElitistRaider said...

I am still not 100% on the reasoning WHY they took it off. Tandanu didn't say that he didn't support gold selling, just that he was bringing the ads off due to consumer pressure, and on that thread another admin says he has no issue with gold selling (which really made me shoot steam out the ears).

That means to me they are either naieve about gold sellers, or dont care. Either way, I'm not impressed.

That said, someone came up with a wonderful way to deal with it. Use the mod, dont go to the site, and use something like wowmatrix or curse to keep it updated. Which I really liked the idea of - Cake and the eating! I will write another post on this as there have been updates. And I do change my mind when presented with good evidence.

Anonymous said...

Plus you know, Big Wigs is actually a better mod than DBM, I've been using it for preference for a couple of years now.


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