Monday, May 25, 2009

Thorim WTF??

Ok, so we failed hardcore on Thorim AGAIN.
So in a nerd induced rage, I went souring the 'nets looking for that thing I was convinced we had missed. That one fossil that proves evolution is real, that missing link, that golden eagle, that... that... thing that will make it all better.

And you know what?

I think I found it.

Buried in all the comments on a thread asking about help with thorim I found out that the Champions can be disarmed, thus stopping their WW. WTH? Why is this not mentioned in any strat anywhere? Nowhere. Not in any guides or anything. The most you get is "target the champions first and kill them" or "take out the evokers first" But not why, or how. In fact, many strats just say "manage the adds in arena while the gauntlet team do this" Where this is a detailed description of how to deal with the gauntlet.

So, we tried it in 10man on the weekend, and blow me down if the arena healer said that it was a gobshite load easier to heal.


I will update tomorrow when we try it out tonight on the 25man version!