Monday, February 2, 2009

On the back of DPS tips

I spied today one of the best quotes I can think of for the use of WWS and Recount as DPS tools (and what I mean by comparing stats as not a pissing contest)

Players place too much emphasis on this. It’s a tool. Balancing around recount stats is like using a thermometer to predict the weather.

DPS stats are exactly that - merely a tool to see relatively what you were doing during that fight. I cannot express my opinion more strongly than that. Never use them for anything more than measuring your own DPS and gauging rotations and where you might benefit from a bit more crit or a bit more haste or whatever to tweak your gear.

There are many things that affect your or others DPS in a fight. These include the sheer mechanics of a fight. Wondering why your mages have low DPS? see how much decursing or CCing they were doing. Perhaps your ret pallies DPS dropped mid fight - see what mana return they got for the fight. There are many mechanical reasons why DPS or damage can be low for a fight. Perhaps the fight required a lot of movement (GET OUT OF THE FIRE!!!) or the boss had a specific mitigation mechanic that needs to have something special dont to neutralise it. Perhaps the boss is resistant to a certain school of machic (nature or frost for example)

All these things play a part in the stats and you need to really understand all this before you go making judgements on your guildmates.