Monday, December 22, 2008

Because my guild blog got too small for my posts

I guess this started because I wanted to write more ... well ... rants on my guild blog page. Somehow this seemed to be a bit unfair a platform to subject my poor guildmates to. I couldn't really say all the things I wanted to say without hurting people's feelings.

So here we are. Generic Non Elitist Raiding tips for all you people out there who are NOT in a guild that completed Malygos25 within 3 weeks of the release of WotLK. In fact, perhaps you haven't STARTED your naxx25 yet and are dipping your toesies in Naxx10.

Here's some thoughts on why I am here:
World of Warcraft is becoming increasingly generic and more accessible to the masses. I believe this is a good thing. I also believe that the Burning Crusade idea of nerfing content after a period of time was a Super, Excellent, Tops and Awesome idea.

In conjunction with Achievements, I can see this really becoming the solution to both ends of the raiding pool - it already is! 3 drakes up on Malygos anyone? or 2? or even 1!! Perhaps you can run Ulduar in hardcore mode for the first 4 weeks - all the elite guilds out there can stroke their epeens and get their shiny mounts, or patterns or even purples for getting the hardcore achievement(s). The rest of us can still do the content at a pace that suits us.

WoW is without a doubt the most balanced and popular MMORPG out there, and for good reason. It really is a good game.

I co-run (I can't really say run because without my officers I have no guild, and without my members I would also have no guild) a happily raiding guild. We have cleared Naxx25 as of 19 Dec 08 and are moving into Sarth and Malygos. We are about 15th I think on our server? In other words, there are about 15 guilds out there on our server that cleared Naxx25 before us. We took a month to do it. One guild took FAR less than that.

I have been the GM of a guild in some incarnation or another for over 2 years, the most recent incarnation being the most stable and most successful (over a year since the merger). Many of my guildies from both the merged guilds are still here and raiding together. We have our run ins, but on the whole we want the same thing from the game. TO hang out, have fun and PLAY A BLOODY GAME TOGETHER!

It might be a game, but the people are real. Be excellent to one and other, dudes!